Global Precision Electric Motors (Brushless) Market Global Industry Scenario, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecast, 2019 - 2028

Increasing demand for high-performance motors such as microprocessor-controlled BLDC (brushless DC), is one of the major factors driving the growth of the precision electric motors (brushless) market. The brushless precision electric motors offer reduced electricity cost, lower noise level, and increased shelf life among others. Another factor that is driving the demand for brushless precision electric motors is the lower maintenance cost and no unexpected downtime as no carbon brushes are used in brushless motors compared to traditional motors where the brushes need maintenance and if required replacement. One of the major applications of precision electric motors (brushless) is in the automotive industry. As a result of the increasing demand for vehicles worldwide, the production of vehicles is also increasing globally which in turn acting as a driver for the precision electric motor (brushless) market.

The higher initial cost of precision electric motors (brushless) is one of the major factors acting as a restraint for the market. Deterioration of the position control precision is another important factor acting as a restraint for the market.

Increasing demand for industrial robots is one of the large opportunity areas for the precision electric motor (brushless) market. To improve the production quality and to increase the production different industries take support of industrial robots for tool positioning, painting, and welding operations. The brushless DC motors primarily work as the actuators to run the joints of industrial robots. Brushless motors are useful in the case of robotic applications in comparison to brushed motors because of their power density, compact size, and no maintenance characteristics. The increase in demand for industrial robots is acting as an opportunity area for the precision electric motor (brushless) market.

The report covers the global precision electric motors (brushless) market by types into AC brushless motors and DC brushless motors. Different applications of precision electric motors (brushless) analyzed in this market include automotive, industrial machinery, household appliances, defense and aerospace, healthcare, and others. Based on types of motors we have segmented electric motors into three categories, AC motors, DC motors, and Hermetic motors. Compared to DC motors AC motors are smaller, cheaper, and lighter. AC motors are more commonly available and account for the largest market share in the global market. Based on output power capacity, electric motors can be categorized into two types - fractional horsepower electric motors (FHP) and integral horsepower electric (IHP) motors. FHP motors are used in low voltage automotive, home appliances, HVAC equipment, office machinery, and several other applications. Asia-Pacific represents the largest as well as the fastest-growing market for electric motors. Asia-Pacific accounted for a major revenue share in the global electric motors market. Significant growth in GDP of countries such as China, India, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and several others helped the region to dominate in the global electric motors market. The electric motors market is dominated by companies such as Regal Beloit, ASMO Co Ltd, and Baldor Electric Company among others. Some other major players in this industry include AMTEK, Danaher, Namiki, Omron, Orbex Group, Shenzhen Xinwangtai, Nidec, McMillan Electric Company, Sunon, Hansen, Yaskawa Electric, Franklin Electric, Rockwell Automation, Allied Motion Technologies, and several others.


Scope of Global Precision Electric Motors (Brushless) Market


By Product Type, 2019 – 2028


  • AC Brushless Motors
  • DC Brushless Motors


By End Users/Applications, 2019 – 2028


  • Automotive
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Household Appliances
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Other


By Geography, 2019 – 2028


  • §  North America
  • o   U.S.
  • o   Canada
  • o   Mexico
  • §  Europe
  • o   UK
  • o   Germany
  • o   France
  • o   Italy
  • o   Rest of Europe
  • §  Asia-Pacific
  • o   China
  • o   Japan
  • o   India
  • o   South Korea
  • o   Rest of Asia-Pacific
  • §  Rest of the World (RoW)
  • o   Central & South America
  • o   Middle East
  • o   Africa
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