Hand Wash Market is Estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.8 % During 2021-2028, Says Accurize Market Research


Handwashes and soaps are the products that are used to maintain personal hygiene. These agents are used for cleaning, washing and sanitizing purpose. Soaps have enjoyed the dominancy in the hygiene market for a quite good time but lately the users realized the shortcomings of using a soap for handwash which is exposed to germs. The untouched and hygienic drops of handwash attracted the consumer and with the changing time it evolved to be the best replacement for soap. Handwashes are available in different flavors, smells, color and varieties like herbal & non-herbal and foaming & non-foaming. The market of handwash holds a good place in every country   because of the increasing awareness and diseases. Communicable diseases like swine-flu, measles, bird-flu, hantavirus, ebola and other communicable diseases has made people realised the importance of handwash. With the increase in pollution everyday we are exposed to bacteria and viruses and prone to diseases.

Factors effecting the market of Handwash: -

Opportunities: -

The government is paying must of its initiatives for a safer and hygienic future. Funds and awareness is been generated to ensure that people stay safe. Handwash is getting mandate in places like schools, educational institutes, hotels, restaurants and other public places. Adding to it the increasing diseases and spread of pandemic worldwide have made people and the government aware of hygiene factors like washing and sanitizing hands and campaign like total sanitizing campaign to boost the mindset of people regarding the use of hand wash and sanitary products.

Trends: -

People are switching from soaps to handwashes because of its effective results and convenient handling has made it user friendly. With the increasing demand its revolution has also increased like smell, color, mildness and ingredients have also changed.

The new products flourishing in the market

The new launched products are user friendly; they are easy to carry, mild on skin and its fragrance are attracting people to buy it. The product is available in compact sizes and are cheaper so it caters to low class people too.

APAC countries like China and India have been showing the most growth in the market pf handwashes. China is the country with largest population hence, it requires a lot of handwashes to cater to its safety.

The key players in the market of handwash are: -

Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc., Reckitt Benckiser, Lion Corporation, The Caldrea Company, Henkel Corporation, 3M, Medline Industries, Inc., Amway, Others.