Rise in the malignant and benign diseases mark a hike in the global Bone Marrow Transplantation market

Bone marrow is a semi-solid gelatinous viscous tissue which is found inside the medullary cavities (center of bones) such as the hip bones and thigh bones. Bone marrow transplantation is also termed as hematopoietic stem cell transplant. Bone marrow transplantation process is performed when the natural blood marrow of the individual does not function properly and they stop producing enough healthy blood cells. A bone marrow transplantation is a major surgical procedure which replaces the damaged bone marrow with healthy bone marrow cells. Bone marrow transplants benefit people with cancerous (malignant) as well as non-cancerous (benign) diseases. Bone marrow transplantation is very treacherous and the process needs to be performed by highly skilled surgeons under critical care to prevent complications. Some of the complications that occur during bone marrow transplantation are – chills, headache, nausea, pain, fever and drop in the blood pressure.

There are several reasons when an individual opts for bone marrow transplantation like – cancer affecting bone marrow like myeloma & leukemia, damaged bone marrow as a result of chemotherapy, aplastic anemia, sickle-cell anemia, thalassemia and other immune system diseases that affects the bone marrow.

Increase in the demand for bone marrow transplants, high prevalence of benign and malignant diseases, increasing awareness, technological advancements of diagnosis & treatment, availability of surgical centers, high-skilled surgeons, campaigns run by government and non-governmental organizations are some of the key factors that propel the global bone marrow transplantation market growth.

Low availability of donors is the main reason which hinders the global bone marrow transplantation market. However, other reasons which restraints the market are the high costs of the transplantation and low availability of HLA donors. Rate of transplantation is very low especially in the developing countries.

Several governmental and non-governmental organizations are working to improvise the current day techniques and to provide a better and safe transplantation experience. North America is leading the bone marrow transplantation market at present.

The prominent players in the bone marrow transplantation market are – Sanofi-Aventis LLC., American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) Inc., STEMCELL Technologies, ReeLabs Pvt. Ltd., HemaCare and Merck Millipore Corporation.